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The ISSICEU Consortium unites researchers with first of all strong Caucasus expertise, but also with enhanced knowledge about the external relations of the EU with the former Soviet republics.

The ISSICEU Consortium
The ISSICEU researchers with members of the External Advisory Board

Some consortium participants contribute with strong experience in policy consulting and media outreach activities. The consortium, hence, has all the attributes to conduct excellent innovative research in the Caucasus, to tailor the research findings according to the preferences of EU policy practitioners both in content and form, and communicate the gained knowledge to policy practitioners, the wider public and the academic community.

The consortium builds a synergy between seven social science disciplines, which allows a comprehensive perspective on the dynamics in the Caucasus and a constructive involvement with advantages and shortcomings of the various disciplinary approaches and research instruments. Represented are sociology, geography, anthropology, economics, political science and philosophy, and scientific study of religion.

International Collaboration

ISSICEU brings international researchers together, who often already collaborated in different constellations. Both the institutions and the researchers of all participants have been and are involved in large international collaboration projects.