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University of Fribourg

The Study of Religion at the University of Fribourg is part of the Department of Social Sciences and is specialized in religion in contemporary societies, as well as religion and politics.

Within this department, the domain "sciences des sociétés, des cultures, et des religions" provides an excellent environment to study religion in the Caucasus. There is an intensive cooperation between East European Studies, Social Anthropology and the Study of Religion. Furthermore, the research unit comprises the headquarters of the Academic Swiss Caucasus Net (ASCN), a Swiss institution financed by the Gebert Rüf Stiftung, which coordinates and fosters academic research in the social sciences and humanities on the South Caucasian Countries. 

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Dr. Ansgar Jödicke

Dr. Ansgar Jödicke  holds a PhD in the Study of Religion (Zurich 1997). He is senior lecturer at the University of Fribourg (Department of Social Sciences). Ansgar Jödicke is the main coordinator of the project ‘Religion, Democracy, and Nation in the Southern Caucasus. A Comparative Analysis of Key Concepts in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan’ financed by the State Secretariat of Education and Research, Bern, and the Academic Swiss Caucasus Net (ASCN), Fribourg. Among other projects, he has participated in the Swiss National Research Programme 58 ‘Religions, the State, and Society’. Within the ISSICEU, he leads the research group Fribourg University and he contributes to WP2 and WP4, analyzing in particular the role of Iranian                                                        influenced religious groups in Azerbaijan and                                                        Dagestan.