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Management Structure

The ISSICEU governance structure outlined below shall assure a fair and transparent project management involving all partners.

High priority and attention is given to the crucial area of project management. The project partners are fully committed and agree to work together with the utmost co‐operation for the timely fulfilment of their responsibilities.

ISSICEU governance structure

The overall management principles for ISSICEU are:

  • Fair representation of all the members of ISSICEU in the decision making bodies of the Consortium.
  • Management of the Consortium that is completely transparent to its members and to the European Commission.
  • Management that is flexible and responsive to the need for change as the Consortium progresses with its work.

The organisational structure of the Consortium comprises the following Consortium Bodies:

  • Project Coordinator (PC) as operative project manager and the intermediary between the consortium and the European Commission.
  • General Assembly (GA) as the ultimate decision‐making body of the Consortium with one representative of each partner.
  • External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB) as a facility to support the quality management.

The Work Package Leaders (WPL) supervise the day‐to‐day work performed in the Work Packages. They are responsible for the management of the Work Packages and report to the PC and the GA.